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We design and build exceptional outdoor spaces.

The highly-skilled hands of Edmonds Landscaping’s knowledgeable staff transform outdoor environments into unique works of art based on our customers’ specific needs and desires. We thoroughly examine each client’s distinct vision and devise a precise action plan, considering property features, microclimate conditions, and cost controls. Project managers oversee all phases of a coordinated effort between the customer and our top-notch designers, architects, horticulturists, technicians, craftsmen, and certified arborists.

Our objective is to create a customized product that blends our clients’ concepts with the artistic flair and wisdom of our landscaping professionals and marks the beginning of a long-lasting partnership. Edmonds Landscaping crews install lawns, groundcovers, trees, and shrubs; high-efficiency sprinkler and drainage systems; outdoor lighting systems; rockeries and retaining walls; patios, walkways, and driveways; ponds, pools, and fountains; and decks, fences, arbors, and gazebos.

Side view of retention wall


The moderate climate of the Pacific Northwest supports a wide variety of plant life, so no garden or flowerbed should feel visually uninteresting or predictable. Depending on the health of your garden, Edmonds Landscaping can revise existing beds by adding new contrasts in plant color and texture, height, and species. Sometimes, we may need to start from scratch, digging new planting beds or reshaping them for improved shape and flow.

Our thorough methods are carefully tailored to ensure trees, plants, and groundcovers thrive over time. By introducing soil amendments, fertilizers, adequate watering, and proper pruning, weed, moss, and pest control, we can sustain the health and vitality of the foliage that brings your landscape to life and keeps it looking lush and elegant for many seasons to come.


Edmonds Landscaping can design and install an assortment of exciting outdoor features that help the beauty of your outdoor space meet the comforts of your home. Open and closed enclosures such as arbors, archways, and gazebos furnish shade and frame pathways and help guide the eye to your landscape’s most attractive focal points. Tailor-made trellises and pergolas enhance privacy, create the illusion of additional space and make the perfect home for colorful vines, fragrant roses, ivies, and other climbing plants that thrive in the Pacific Northwest.

Distinctive stone, brick, and concrete work dictate the flow of a landscape via walkways, terraces, and walls. Paved pathways and strategically-placed stepping stones direct foot traffic toward secluded patios, detached terraces, and quaint courtyards, all of which are pieced together with durable materials that complement the look of existing structures and plants. With so many options to choose from, you will welcome our expert designers’ insight into what features will best complement your property size and architecture.

Circular Wall and Patio
Edmonds Landscaping Project Example


The most important ingredient for maintaining a healthy lawn and landscape is water. This may not seem like a big problem in our soggy region of the Pacific Northwest. However, it is important to carefully regulate certain plants’ water intake even in a climate with plenty of rain.

High-efficiency Edmonds Landscaping irrigation systems keep plant life properly nourished and can eliminate manual watering for good. Let our certified technicians determine if your lawn benefits from the best watering regimen possible.

Water Features

The subtle splashing sounds of a trickling stream or small waterfall can relax and even mask the sounds of passing traffic. Fed continuously by recirculating submersible pumps, eye-catching aquatic elements can be attractive centerpieces or blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

Spray fountains, cascading waterfalls, and tranquil goldfish ponds and garden pools designed and installed by Edmonds Landscaping are popular elements of our work because, whatever style you choose, your new water feature will seem like it has always been a part of the landscape.

Edmonds Landscaping Project Example
Edmonds Landscaping Project Example

Outdoor Lighting

A well-designed lighting scheme can highlight a landscape’s best features while also serving as an added security measure. Stylish lamps and lanterns illuminate walkways, enclosed structures, driveways, steps, and lawn borders for safety and attract the eye to spectacular silhouettes, garden art, reflective pools, and the wonders of nature after dark.

Edmonds Landscaping offers line, low-voltage, and fiber optics outdoor lighting systems. Our design team uses various lighting techniques and fixtures to create the practical and aesthetic effects that best suit your landscape.

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